Sherwan شیروان

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Sherwan is a Union council of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan,[1] located 35 km west of Abbottabad.
The population of Sherwan Town is over 25000.[citation needed] The local language is Hindko while Urdu is also understood and spoken by local people.[citation needed] The main tribes of Sherwan are Tanolis (Labial, Sarganal and Sadial), Awans (Marjan or Kutab Shahi), Syed and Mughals. Sherwan is divided into four main parts, Sherwan Khurd, Sherwan Kalan, Patheel and thora Khurd.

Demolished heritage..Inside of the Sherwan Fort,Built 1822 AD,Abbottabad hills, Height 5000 feet, which got auctioned by indifferent government officials and after auction it got demolished despite efforts of ACS , NWFP, who later on got transferred


Locals grow seasonal crops such as maize and wheat. The area has plenty of water and soil rich with nutrients, allowing producers to grow cherries, oranges, apples, plums and apricots. A large number of people are also engaged in soap stone mining.[citation needed]

Sherwan is a famous for being a hometown of the Tanoli Tribe of Lower Tanawal. it is 35 Km away from Abbottabad city. Sherwan is also a developed village so i must say that now Alhamdolillah sherwan is a city where the people have all basic facilities.

Sherwan is not only a combination of more than 86 villages but it is a home town of many casts who are playing there role to make sherwan a real heaven on earth.

There are some famous villages in sherwan i.e

1-Sherwan Kalan


3-Sherwan khurd

4-Thora ( Khurd & kalan)

5-Bambochi (Khurd & Kalan)

6-Shaheed Abad

7-Beri & Naichan & Lakhan Pur


9-Kangar ( paeen & Bala)

10-Thathi Ahmed Khan

11- Jurmali, Thal & goriyan

12- Siryala, garhi,Kohali,Barnori & Pagran

13-Tandhara & Rattyan

14-Bachah ( khurd & Kalan)

15- Khalora ( khurd & Kalan)

16-Takiyal hall baloch , khanda khoh, pind gali, lakhala

17-Pind kargo khan

18-jarral shareef & kotnali

19- Sandogali,

20-Ameer abad

21- Kothiala

22- Rich behan , sohlan ,

23- chaitri, kala kot, pando thana

24-thathi faqeer sahib, garamri

25- Chamhid

26-bega kot

27-Tootni, Soban Gali,

28-Phulan di bahndi, paswal

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